Drekan Power-Rental, a specialized branch of the Drekan group, is the leader in the sectors of industry, construction, renewable energies, marine and mining

Drekan Power Rental: temporary power solutions for industry, energy or construction…
Drekan Power-Rental, a specialized branch of the Drekan Group, is a world leader in the field of temporary power generation services and temporary electrical installations. We offer solutions adapted to the needs of various sectors of activity, such as industry, construction, events or energy. Whether it involves installing a medium-power generator for a few days in order to make up for a network outage, renting a transformer station over the medium term for a large-scale project or implementing a electricity production plant of several tens of mW for a year in order to compensate for a lack of energy on the network, Drekan will be able to provide you with a solution. Whatever your sector of activity, Drekan Power Rental is your trusted partner to meet your needs for temporary energy and temporary electrical installations.

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Energy market

From MV cabinet to shifting transformer ...

Drekan Power Rental supports energy distributors and network managers with dedicated solutions for MV cabins, C4 or C5 metering cabinets, autotransformers or HV equipment…

Solutions pour lesfor


In the construction phase as well as in troubleshooting...​

Do you need a 400 or 690V generator to power your wind turbines in the construction phase or a 690V/20KV mobile re-injection unit following the failure of a transformer on a solar or wind farm? Drekan Power has solutions adapted to your needs.

Solutions for

Construction market

From simple generators to HTA site installation...​

Mobile generator from 30 to 2500KVA, yellow tariff metering, temporary overhead lines, high-voltage stations or LV electrical installation for your cantonment, Drekan Power Rental is your provider of solutions for temporary electrical installation.

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Compact solutions for your tunnels ...

From the hyper-compact MV/LV tunnel cabin to the power plant intended to supply your mining sites or your tunnel boring machines, Drekan Power Rental will find the solution to your needs…

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Genset or transformers ...

Installation of emergency power plant in the event of a network failure, additional power or urgent repairs, our generating set solutions in LV or MV coupling are the solution. Our large fleet of HTA and HTB transformers from 3.2KV to 225KV are also available in the event of breakdowns in your electrical installations…

Solutions for

Event sector

No power limit!

Thanks to numerous references acquired in industry or energy, Drekan Power Rental has the greatest expertise to support you on your temporary electrical installations. Whether sporting or cultural events, small or large projects, our teams will be able to provide you with the most appropriate solutions…