Production plants / generating sets / HV equipment / HV equipment / LV equipment

A single service provider for all your rental needs of LV, HTA, HTB equipment or for temporary energy production from 0 to 100 MVA
Drekan Power-Rental, a specialized branch of the Drekan group, is a leader in energy production services temporary and in temporary electrical installations in the industry, construction or energy sectors.
As specialists, we provide you with a turnkey service. We provide you with a team of highly qualified professionals, a fleet of latest generation equipment equipped with control modules allowing the coupling of generating sets and engines ensuring optimum fuel consumption, a transport service adapted with crane trucks having the required authorizations and clearances.

Power plant


Gensets or turbines

Whether it’s modular diesel power plants based on our 1000KVA generators or production plants built around our 25mW dual-fuel turbines, we are able to commission scalable units up to 300mVA, anywhere in the world.

Diesel or gaz

mobile gensets

Mobile gensets from 30 to 2500kVA

Whether installing a 30KVA generator for a few days on a construction site or implementing 2 or 3 mVA of generators to supply a factory during the maintenance of a factory source station, our fleet allows us to respond, throughout the national territory to your rental requests.

High voltage

Equipment rental

From circuit breaker to power transformer

The only French company capable of providing HTB solutions, Drekan Power Rental has numerous equipment ranging from the incoming gantry to the transformer, including all the protections, for voltages from 63 to 225KV.

Middle voltage

Equipment rental

From 3,2KV to 33KV ...

Transformers alone, MV/LV cabins in C13-100 or C13-200, phase-shifting, step-up or step-down auto-transformers. Drekan Power Rental has a large fleet of MV equipment for networks ranging from 3.2 to 33KV.

Low voltage

Equipment rental

Câbles, distribution panels, ...

For your construction sites or your events, Drekan Power Rental has a large fleet of low-voltage equipment ranging from the TGBT of several thousand amperes to the 16A distribution socket.